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As parents, we may be operating with outdated methodologies

We want the best for our children, don’t we? You’re wondering why you should invest in the Golden Ticket Weekend and what benefits this programme has for your child. You know how hard it is to balance the old world with the new and how to support our children in the right way, especially when technology drives change at the pace it does. We don’t always have the correct answers, but with the Golden Ticket and Globe Business College network, you will meet a community of parents just like you and figure it out together. 

The Golden Ticket Weekend

An Experience Your Teen Will Never Forget.

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What Our Community of Parents Has to Say

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When you invest in The Golden Ticket Weekend, you gift your child an experience.

Do you have questions about where your child will stay, how to get to Munich, or what kind of assistance they’ll get while in town with us? Our team will be in contact within one business day to assist with anything you need.

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