It starts with The Golden Ticket

Do you sometimes have the feeling you are stuck in a rut, missing the bigger picture and operating at less than your real potential?

The Golden Ticket Weekend is an experience of fun, development and personal growth, wrapped up in the context of growing your business knowledge. Join us for a magical experience you will never forget. You will leave our campus with a new perspective, a strong community and friends for life, while at the same time exploring a new set of business skills.  The unique combination will help you to step confidently into your future.

Powered by Globe Business College Munich and their unique relationship based educational model, the Golden Ticket is a weekend workshop that brings together young, growth-minded leaders from around the world to connect and learn from each other under the guidance of educators who are passionate about human-to-human development. From Friday to Sunday, you step into another world. A space where you don’t overthink, you just operate from flow. You find you can be authentic within a community of people, just like you, who also want to experience something different.

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The Experience

The weekend is unique. The Golden Ticket will take you out of your comfort zone and lead you into a new space. Procrastination, perfectionism, worry, stress and lack of focus, are all forgotten. You’ll experience a dynamic, fast paced, interactive programme full of surprises. From the science to the art of business, you’ll move through a seamless process created to develop not only your skills, but also your character.

Seven business students work on branding a business in an interactive weekend workshop for teens and young adults.

Have you already been to the Golden Ticket Weekend?

You will walk out of the Golden Ticket Weekend experience with three things:

A Certificate

You will be awarded a certificate of participation that can be used for your resume, LinkedIn profile, university applications, to contribute to CAS (for IB students) or other school programmes. 

The key to unlock your future

The weekend experience is set up in a way that awakens you to other possibilities and gives you a new perspective. You leave knowing you’ve changed but also with a desire to continue the growth. As Dr Walsh always says, ‘Skill is a muscle you have to keep training’.

Continuous Growth

A student taking place in a youth business and entrepreneurship program fist bumps with a mentor.

The weekend doesn’t end when you leave. For one term you can take part in our exclusive online Self- Development Programme and be part of a great community of other weekend graduates, business leaders, VIPs and special guests

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