The Next Golden Ticket Elite is 28-30 June 2024

The Golden Ticket Elite

The next step in your character & skill development journey

The Golden Ticket Elite is a continuing education programme for students that have previously attended The Golden Ticket Weekend or Globe Business College Munich’s Navigator Summer Business School. When you step up to the Elite programme, you are paired with a team of Golden Ticket students and become their mentor. You’ll continue your character & skill development journey through an individual coaching process that guides you in how to mentor a team of Golden Ticket participants. You learn how to see the bigger picture, to step out and analyse, to communicate at a different level and to evaluate your current position.


You've earned this.

When you participated in The Golden Ticket Weekend you learned the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone and exercising the muscle that is self- development. Now, more than ever with technology dominating our daily lives, it’s important to keep learning, developing, and executing your skills. That’s exactly why we developed the Golden Ticket Elite Programme, to allow Golden Ticket participants to come back and get to the next level of personal development.

Your participation in this exclusive level weekend will see you engaging in interactive workshop sessions, mentoring a team, being coached at an individual level and interacting with great business leaders, VIPs and industry experts.

Student Testimonials

Reconnect To Your Network

You will be mentoring a team next to the friends you made at your Golden Ticket Weekend as well as other students from our Navigator Business Summer School. You will continue to develop and grow your lifelong friendships, community, and future networking opportunities while developing your skill and character in another amazing weekend.